Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Work to Play

Recently I've been working on a garage with a buddy of mine. We've been working hard for our next trip, and kayaking the green on the weekends. Life is good when your playing with power tools and kayaking on the weekend. Our drought here has given us a better work ethic, but our rivers are all dried up. Our one rain storm resulted in the loss of a good friend reminding us all how temporary life is. It reminds me to live each day a little more for isac. As kayakers we experience high sensation moments in life. With the loss of isac we are reminded to make all our moments sensational, from our day to day work, to our low water paddles down the green. Drought is a part of life, and while kayaking is one of the most incredible ways to spend a day, every other moment is special too. Whether its nailing in plywood, spending time with friends and family, or kayaking, life is truly amazing, and its good to be alive.

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