Wednesday, September 10, 2008

British Columbia

photo: Baker Davenport

The coastal range of B.C. offers kayakers some of the most unexplored remote kayaking in North America. The diversity of the mountain ranges create a maze of rivers flowing into the ocean below. Glaciers and incredible waterfalls coated the landscape though many of the rivers we paddled. Many of these rivers are in danger from hydroelectric dam construction. It was our goal to go explore some of the canyons and rivers that are soon to be changed due to our ever growing reliance on energy. The ashlu river, outside squamish is one of these rivers. It is truly sad seeing the trucks and saws destroying one of the most beautiful canyons that I've ever traveled through. The turquoise water and gray granite gorges are just a couple facets that make this river so incrediible. While the canyons in B.C. are undoubtably astounding, they are also hard to navigate. Thick floura and fauna along with slick rocks, steep gorges, and ever changing weather make B.C. one of the most challenging places to kayak.

Photos: Baker Davenport
Ashlu River

Checkamus River

On our way home we managed to stop at the Little White Salmon River in Hood River, OR. This run is as good as they say it is. Spirit Falls is a great drop.

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