Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dinkey Creek Waterfalls

Yes it is as good as it sounds. An early spring Dinkey Creek mission. This run is typically a two day adventure on the river, but in this case, it was one day of hiking, and one day on the river. The trip started with a horrible shuttle. Running into snow at 4500 ft was not what we had planned. Nature's incredible creativity and unpredictable character had us laughing as we tromped 12 miles through the snow towing our kayaks behind our backs. Arriving at the putin we were tired beat down, but thankful we had made the spring time hike down to the river. This run is another beautiful canyon to visit in the spring. Waterfalls were careening off the gorge walls as we plunged down the steep canyon into the lowland sierra. I slowly felt my Drew-ness start to awaken after hours of plunging, sliding, disappearing, and embracing the river swirl. Slam Dink, two points, move directly to GO and collect two hundred dollars!!!

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